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Auto Repair Industry is Changing

The Automotive Industry is Changing Forever

The automotive industry has been the same for decades. Everything about fixing cars has been almost identical for many years now. Different makes and models have came out over the years, yet the theory behind repairing automobiles has been similar. All vehicles had something in common – fuel type. The fuel type has been gas for almost all car makes and models forever. It’s been a little long to go with the same thing for almost a century. Everything is slowly moving towards convenience in the world. And convenience includes whats best for the human race. All of this talk about emissions causing global warming is ridiculous to me. But it has indeed caught the attention of everyone important in the auto industry. Including the government, large auto repair shops, large automotive corporations, and large car manufacturers. This gets in the way with how things have been for a very long time, which will hurt some local automotive shops that have been passed down generations. There are many local repair shops that have been open for over 50 years. It’s hard to believe its been that long since cars even came out. For an example, here’s an auto repair Las Vegas shop that has been open for years and will eventually offer electric car repair.

The industry is now moving towards gas free vehicles. Which means more than half of the things that make current cars run, are going to be non-existent in newer vehicles. This means less repairs to be done also, but cost per vehicle will rise. With this major shift, all shops will have to learn electric car repair in order to keep up with industry changes.

Electric Cars Are The New Black

With electric vehicle sales skyrocketing, we are essentially doomed from running things the way we’ve always been. With Elon Musk coming out with newer Tesla models that are getting more and more futuristic, we have a dilemma as shop owners. There are also smart cars that came out almost 10 years ago that started this massive shift.

Repairing electric cars is a lot different than gas fueled cars. The main reason this is true is due to the complexity of batteries and wiring throughout the vehicle. Most cars are the same today, but Teslas are different than smart cars. So unless there’s some regulatory guidelines for newer companies to build electric cars, all cars will be entirely different. This is the main thing that scares us local mechanics. Right now we actually have it hard enough to repair vehicles that are all essentially the same! The only benefit from this change will be the lighter weight and cleaner work. Let’s get into that in a bit.

Now with all newer cars (including Nissan) becoming somewhat electrically run entirely, it makes sense for all mechanics to start learning. Learning the electric vehicle trade isn’t so hard. I myself have already taken classes and got certified to repair Teslas and Smart Cars. These types of cars are just different. Like I said earlier, it’s a whole new ballgame with each one. But it’s doable. Most mechanics are intimidated by learning more than they already do on a daily basis, and that’s understandable. but the fact of the matter is that you need to keep generating revenue for the shop. You still need to pay the bills and feed your family. You still want to have spending money to go out and have fun, etc. To most people in the world, this is actually their priority; to have excess money to spend. But I’ll tell you what, if you don’t learn the new stuff, you will be left behind. More and more shops are opening up that are specializing in only electric. This means the market is already being cornered by the ‘doers’. Mechanics, if you don’t start now, you WILL be left behind. There’s o reason anyone would avoid buying electrical cars. It only makes perfect sense to go with the new. It’s what people do with fashion even!

How Do ‘Gas’ Mechanics Compete?

Well, you learn the new. Like we mentioned earlier, it’s a brand new industry now. Things are evolving, and when that happens in life, you need to adjust. Being a stubborn mechanic will earn you stubborn pay. If you want to get into the market of only working for the rich, get into electric. Only rich people can afford these types of vehicles right now. So learning sooner will actually get you new customers that have money, and they will be forever loyal to your shop. The work on electric cars is much cleaner than any other type of work we do now. All mechanics do right now is get to work and get their hands dirty right away. Most people can’t even stand the dirtiness of the work behind auto repair, so they get unmotivated from even becoming a mechanic in the first place. Let’s all come together and make this industry a better place.

Besides, imagine having your shop that’s been open, say, 20 years; to say it has 20 years of experience and you now offer electrical repairs too. Imagine customers seeing reviews on your shop and seeing it’s been open for 10-20 years, it gives you leverage over the newbies.